Baker D Chirico in Carlton

Croissant ($3.4)(should be $4 already)

Medium size, lots of layers, crispy and medium dry inside, not buttery, very light.

Almond Croissant ($4)

Nice nice and nice.
Not always big and solid all the time, second time was a bit burt and smaller =(

Danish ($3.8)($4 on 2012.12.23)

Darling like it okay, not too sweet, not too much cinnamon. But base is a bit heavy for honey =).
First time we had apple, second time had pear but didn’t realize it =P. third time had both …

Canele ($3.5)

Nice as what it is described.

Banana Fig Coconut Tea Cake ($4.8)

Many figs and lots of coconut, light sweet. But feel like fruit bread worth more to have, and cheaper (big loaf for only $7, cake is $4.8 for slice)

French Baguette ($4.5)

Maybe the best in Melbourne we have found so far. Quite slim compare with others, but smell nice, hard outside and chewy inside. But Darling said it might be nicer if they use a different kind of flour (but i’m not flour expert)
2012.12.23 Can’t believe their baguette turned so thin…about half thin compare with before, and dries up the second day =.=

Fruit Bread ($7)

First Impression – very heavy! medium block size might goes for 1kg. It’s multi-grain,poppy seeds with some spice and lots of big big dried fruits, very full and healthy. Might go for another one but Darling doesn’t like raisins =(

Casalinga ($5.7?)

Bigger baguette, hard outside, chewy inside, might be too tasty of yeast if leave it for long

Campania ($5.7)

Light wholemeal bread..

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