White bread 

Second time making white bread myself with mom, from

12g dry east with 150ml lukewarm water and 1tsp sugar. Leave for 15 min in warm place until 1cm high and covered with frost. *my room was not warm enough I think, for both yeast and prove* 

 500g bread flour, 1 tsp salt, 15g softened unsalted butter, 150ml lukewarm water plus yeast water, mix and knead for 5-10mins. Leave in warm place until double in size. Knead another 5-10min until smooth, put it on baking plate lined with baking paper and oil/butter (made bottom crispy and little burnt) leave it in slightly warm area until double in size. (*Covered with glad wrap without oil, stick the top of the bread*). 

  Dust with flour and Bake in 230C for 15min then 190C for another 15min. *i baked it 20min and 20min, a bit too long I think, cover is really thick and crispy. Taste not as expected, bread is not proved enough, but nice with calpis butter*


20150510 和歌山 Wakayama

on Mother’s Day, we come to Wakayama, decided in the morning at four o’clock, to treat mommy something she wants to have, Shirasu on rice スーパーしらす丼, and visit Awashima Shrine.

Country road 26 after Sakai is quite country feel, mountains on the left, and few shops on the side of road. 


Weather is not that clear too 🙁


It’s the shrine for females, we bring brand new underwear to wish? And on the 3rd of March, the girl’s festival, lots of people come to make their prayers, and bring old dolls …

2015 たけのこ bamboo root





 This year’s spring is full of takenoko たけのこ. From the very early 新たけ to the late big ones.

As soon as get home, cut the top part and one outside layer, boil with few drops of white rice and whole dry chilli. Not nuka because of the smell.

Leave in the same water and cool down can last for a couple of days. If cut and leave in clean water, change water everyday so it doesn’t turn smelly.