2015 Peach桃

2015.06.23 First momo come to Vege shop, unfortunately their own momo in Shiga was not good at all this year T.T grape is still okay though. Wakayama momo they were selling, supposed to buy two or three only, then Darling end up buying the whole box!!! And since we are going to make jam, he gave us another box of not tasty ones…Full of love but … 

20150510 和歌山 Wakayama

on Mother’s Day, we come to Wakayama, decided in the morning at four o’clock, to treat mommy something she wants to have, Shirasu on rice スーパーしらす丼, and visit Awashima Shrine.

Country road 26 after Sakai is quite country feel, mountains on the left, and few shops on the side of road. 


Weather is not that clear too 🙁


It’s the shrine for females, we bring brand new underwear to wish? And on the 3rd of March, the girl’s festival, lots of people come to make their prayers, and bring old dolls …

20150417 京都

Wake up early my Darling, decided to go Kyoto since it won’t rain today.

But drizzling a bit on the way, cloudy and dark sky, hope it will clear up later. Still 0730 anyway <3   

Busy day we are going to Museum, buy vinegar, miso, meat, juice, and a lot more 



And Darling’s birth hospital バプテスト病院<3