Cheesecake base

A taste okay base recipe, i use the left-over for cookies too.

1/2 cup plain flour (I use pizza and bread flour usually, very strong one, should be fine for base but not cake..)
2 tbsp self-raising flour
30g sugar
40g cold butter
1 egg yolk

1. Mix dry ingredients well
2. Cut  cold butter to small cubes, rub into dry ingredients, mix well
3. Add egg yolk in to 2. Mix well to dough
4. Wrap well and leave in fridge for at least 2 hours
5. Take the dough out from fridge, leave for 10 min for easy to roll.
6. Make your preferred shape and leave in fridge/freezer for a while
7. Bake in lower temperature, e.g. 150 degree for 5-8 min
Nice with jam on top when baking ❤

I use it for cheese cake base, bake at 150 degree for 8 min, cool down before add cheesecake texture.