I had QVM croissant again since I thought I might like that one more, buttery and more crispy/crunchy, but at the end, my stomach turned not very comfortable, might be too oily =(… get over it already

The recent love of croissant is from Baker D Chiroco ($3.4) in Carlton. His croissant is like the one from Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong, many layers, crispy and not buttery. Light enough to melt before it gets stomach. QVM price increase to $2.5 this year =(

20110720Note: The best is still in Queen Victoria Market, the bread shop facing the chicken&egg shop…$2.20 crispy and nice skin…normally Darling buy stuff at different shops and Honey busy eating …

Want to start my first blog here by the food I want to have the most, but suddenly, I feel pretty full….

Chocolate Croissant – the one I love a lot these days.

Initially I found it in Coburg’s Vietnamese bakery, plan croissant is big and $1.20 only, with chocolate is $1.80. For a period of time, I couldn’t control myself having it every morning on my way to work.

The recent discovery is in city QV Woolworth, bigger croissant with more sweet chocolate for only $1.95, especially when I bought it warm….heart is melting

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