Mix rice

ごぼうburdock・にんじんcarrot・揚げ fried tofu

Although it’s call five, we usually only put three in the mix rice, optionals are dry mushroom しんたけ and bamboo roots 筍.

Wash burdock well, and shred (?like a sharpen a pencil) it to small pieces, smaller is better, but would take more time.
Cut carrot and fried tofu to very small pieces.
For three cups of rice, add 40ml mirin, a bit less water to make up 3 cup (say 200ml/cup, would be 540ml water, add the burdock, carrot and fried tofu, soy sauce go two rounds, and two tsp of salt. Ready to go.

Soy bean, wash and pan fry before head in fry pan. Add to washed rice with sanshou (need quite a bit), with mirin and salt. Haven’t tried myself, but darling is not interested at all 🙁

Wash taro, peel skin and cut to balls or cubes? And age tofu to thin slice like for miso soup, cook with mirin and salt I think … Not darling’s food again.

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