20150207 Osaka

Net shopping 止まらない。.”.
Darling always can find something new and interesting for caroro, only that can keep darling going to Pek now .•.•. Early morning now, can’t sleep because of シュークリーム from Pantry made us not comfortable

Finally couldnt help to sleep around 10am, late night daikon cake failed ::(


Peel かぶ skin, then mash. Boil leaves and cut to small 4cm.
Make だし with 昆布 first, soak for hour or two depends on time. Take 昆布 out before fully boiling, Add extra だし powder 1.5-2 bags, boil for a while and filter the soup. Add mirin, salt and little bit soy sauce for aroma.
Cut tofu to cubes and add to soup.
Mash かぶ, filter water then add to soup.
Mix kuzu with water then add to soup.
Finish to bowl and leaves and yuzu skin thin slice.