白山 2014 Mt Haku


皇大神宮 Kotai Shrine
外宮 one small sign misled us went to a native entry with no car park and stairs, there is another formal entry with car park, big signs and proper entry a bit further up, lots of small shrines inside, mommy ran out of money right afterIMG_7726-0.JPGIMG_7733.JPGIMG_7728.JPG
内宮 free parking is quite far from the shrine, parking next to it cost 500 yen, 300m to walk up with flat stairs, big inside, lots of small ones, mommy saw snake near one of the little garden like area, shrine looks better>IMG_7761.JPG
天岩戸神社 can walk from Naiku straight, pass the pyramid mountain, and very steady downwards, we went to pick up the car and arrived to Amanoiwato Shrine and realised it was hard to turn around except through the Y of mountain road up, went upwards to the pyramid, really steady and tiring, but worth to go. Got view of the pyramid again from the way to Kono Shrine on route 9, Aminoiwato Shrine has god for giving birth as well, and a little shrine on half way of the rock that darling climb up to deposit the coin, I washed my stone with the cool water. Nice pond and water.IMG_7747.JPGIMG_7735.JPGIMG_7743.JPG

籠神社 Kono Shrine, get inside done by nice man, a few small ones and water music. Feel like newly innovated and my stone like this place most.

真名井神社 Manai Shrine, next to Kono shrine, got direction from Kono shrine staff too. Small parking in front. Very quiet, got water from entry, another 安産神社, a small one on the right hand of the main one.
20140726-014412-6252069.jpgMy first tochi mochi from a 道の駅, but very hard IMG_7788.JPG
白山比咩神社 しらやまひめじんじゃ, Shirayama Hime Shrine, quite big, and we can do the xxx ourself outside the main gate, on the right hand side, with instruction.
Right inside on the left, there was my name stone, by 芭蕉-国の華 🙂 inside is really busy actually, and there was grass door for us to walk around to get in again.
Outside the shrine we had got 栃餅Tochi mochi,( very soft compare with yesterday’s from 道の駅, 笹すしsasa sushi, and other food.
Passed 永平寺 on the way but didn’t get in since there was no free parking, very busy and need to walk quite a lot, and it looks like tourist place already. But got souvenir from 越前和紙 shop and had ごま豆腐ソフトアイス very nice and strong black sesame flavor and taste, except it was too sweet, and got sesame tofu too, flavor was not bad.

賀茂神社 on the way of driving. Quiet and have big car park on the side, have twelves animal shrines there, and main entry for the main shrine has a wheel for wish, roll for one round and make a wish. Allow to get inside and there was a very old dram. Another 加茂神社 near by but we didn’t visit since there wasn’t enough time.

Revisit 永平寺’s 越前和紙 shop, got lots of souvenirs.

白山平泉寺神社, Hakusan heseiji shrine, very spacious inside, many small gods there too but not as many as before. 三ノ宮神社 was more inside, 5-10min walk, it was for safe birth as well. Made a wish for friend in Korea. We also saw many interesting small native animals and insects, never saw before like dried leaf color frog :).
Had lunch at the newly opened restaurant 街の駅, soba, udon milk, mochi, wine, all very impressive, and we got sechihan for their opening. They also sell freshly picked vegetables. One of まちこさん’s acquaintance 松本さん was there opening store and volunteer for social work, her son is running a small ice cream shop behind the store. Darling got walnuts there.
若宮神社 Wakamiya shrine, was located somewhere further inside the area, we couldn’t get there without 松本さん’s direction. And probably outside people are either don’t know or not allowed to get in. There is a four hundreds years old tree next to the shrine, is the only one survived from a big fire many years ago.

Last stop is the 白山長滝神社 Hakusan Nagataki Shrine, on the way to 飛騨高山 already, just off the street a little bit drive off the highway and free parking outside. This is near the waterfall where 北斎 did his paint too, but too far/tired to walk there (around 15min walk). Quiet place again, there was. Very small bridge, but that was the original bridge that people used to pass through. It’s kind of a mix of shrine and temple, some of the small shrines didn’t have a place for small money. There was water place too, but it taste a bit weird darling said.
白鳥道の駅 is small but lots of fresh vegetable, but garlic was not flavored though smell is strong, and green tea soba only contains 10% soba.

Then we went back home through 東海道路.








A day trip with friends to hot spring. It mainly happened around 洞川温泉センター Dorogawa Onsen Center. I guess it’s more like a tourist place now since they are registered as world heritage. The hot spring itself was really normal, 600yen per person, just one inside with spa bubbles, one still water outside with fence and top cover 亭, only can see a little bit trees. Darling said maybe it’s not 100 percent natural. Maybe time has changed, there is only Rinse in Shampoo, body soap and hair dryer. No Onsen milk, no Onsen egg. Even view is not as good as other one on the other side of the mountain.IMG_8857.JPG

The good thing is always coming with food. It’s probably all first time that I have all the food today.
蒲公英(たんぽぽ)アイス 250yen – Dandelion flavor ice cream, but have coffee flavor since they use coffee beans for planting dandelion. Very nice flavor I have to say, with mild coffee feel. Darling’s two friends in the pictures. IMG_8856.JPGIMG_8861.JPG
鮎(あゆ)の塩焼き 850yen – fresh river ayu fish caught yesterday with lots of eggs. A bit salty but I definitely would have it again. Darling said it wasn’t bad at all. IMG_8877.JPGIMG_8881.JPG
いもぼた 100yen – at 天川村小路の駅, a uncle was selling souvenir and an auntie was in charge of kitchen product. It’s a mix of rice and potato pieces, both steamed, separately maybe since rice was soft and potato is not fully melted, roasted with either salt or soy sauce. It’s interesting experience, maybe I could try to make it at home next time 🙂 just not darling’s flavor 🙁IMG_8884.JPG
Went up to the men-only mountain entry, but seems it changed over time, different from what he remembered over maybe 20 years ago.IMG_8866.JPG

On the way back, we passed the oldest shrine of water in Japan where there were to two ponies, for god to ride on on ceremonies. IMG_8893.JPGIMG_8887.JPG

果物 Fruits

桶柑 (タンカン)Recommended from Inoue san, secretly from box for us, not sure whether it was organic or not. But it was super sweet.

いちぢく season from late July, house first, Vege shop sell small ones from beginning, quite expensive but very sweet. Wait until they get cheaper and make syrup: whole fig with water, sugar and lemon.



ヒムロート(マスカット) very sweet muscat, seedless and only last for a week. But darling only have one or two every time 🙁


魚 Fish

In general, fresh fish should have peaceful and clear eyes. If the eyes are red, they would be old. If the eyes are swollen, they were not peaceful at the end of their life. And fresher ones meat are more chewy.

島あじ soft and chewy
黒鯛 hard and chewy
たこ fresh and all good

野菜 Vegetable

やこん – look like sweet potato, brown color, watery sweet, taste like water chestnut, パリパリ white
はやとうり – similar to やこ, but not sweet, パリパリ white, look like white avocado


紅化粧大根(ベニケショウダイコン)looks like a big carrot, but its actually a daikon =)
四川児菜(しせんあーさい)Chinese vegetable? not sure. Never see it beofore. Cut into half or quarter vertically, stir fry with garlic, salt and chicken stock.


リーコラ  new friend for good skin, issued for hot pot this time

We got very big さつまいも from まきちゃん from her hometown 宮崎, purple color and when steam, water turns blue and dark green.I steamed and had it, was very powdery, darling doesn’t like it much. Mom said it usually come very small, but this one was nice.

Wisdom teeth

I went to dentist for general check in April and found my two bottom wisdom teeth were both affected and since they are not growing straight and pushing to the front tooth. Since we were away, the operation was delayed until July. We decided to pull out one of the teeth since the tooth in front was quite in danger. So I’m going to record my first experience and recovery process.

2014.07.03 1430-1500
消毒/sterilise、麻酔/anaesthesia、麻酔もうちょっと、cut quarter out, take another half out, screw the rest inside, left a big big hole. Then scratch the tooth in front, hurt a bit, and put more 麻酔 and scratch, put little “gel” on it seal. 麻酔 stayed until I fell asleep. Fujita sensei helped me to relax my body a lot, so the lympha and neck doesn’t swollen too much. Applied copaiba oil for many times. Had bread, mochi, a bit of rice for medicine, had one medicine before sleep. Couldn’t brush teeth nor throw out any thing, so the blood and other stuff doesn’t come out continuously, but can eat and drink.

Wake up with no pain, just a bit weird in mouth, but darling got lots of body pain, he said he took over all my pain so I feel not painful. Brushed teeth lightly, had plenty of water, eat a bit for medicine, had another medicine in the morning as well as at night. Had sushi for lunch, ate carefully, but thought I left two pieces of rice in the hole while I looked at my hole through mirror. And I feel the outside flesh of the hole went a bit red and swollen, maybe eat too much? But doctor just sterilised the hole and didn’t say anything, and it wasn’t rice but the healing process, that grows to stop the blood and heal the hole, don’t need to do anything with it, just wash mouth with water if anything went in, and eat and drink and brush teeth as normal. the hole turned to half, still feel weird since I lost my teeth and only can use right side to eat. Can’t believe how people survive with four wisdom teeth pulled out at the same time. Doctor said the hole will recover in around one month time, but some people said not possible, we will see.

Brushed teeth in the morning, hole got smaller, but haven’t had medicine or copaiba oil since I was too busy. But no more medicine, even I found I got charged a bit for the medicine which I only had three tablets, should try to remember not to have it next time.

Had a bit temperature of 37.11 at night, not sure whether it’s from the tooth or since my pyjama is thicker than usual.

Tooth hole turns half already, white stuff grows, new flesh grows too. Just feel a little bit weird, and little bit headache at night.

Only applied copaiba oil at night, recovering quite well, small hole (1/3) left.

I was told to stop copaiba oil for three days, starting from tomorrow, use Sauge de Dragon instead. Didn’t sleep properly these two days, felt the whole was a bit swollen after midnight.

Had Sauge de Dragon night before on the whole and tooth in front of it (by mistake), waked up early midnight and hurting a bit, get better in the morning.

The hole remains small, but I don’t feel it is there swollen anymore. It doesn’t affect eating too, just I really don’t feel like use that side before it fully recover.

Without notice, my wisdom tooth hole has turned very small. And we have just made another appointment next week for pulling off another wisdom tooth on the right side =(

Today’s appointment, same pullout dentist 上原先生, different nurse though. But the right wisdom tooth was a bit down and inside, but not affected. My dentist put some jelly in the right corner of my mouth so it doesn’t hurt when they do the injection. And I could feel my whole body, should and head specially were tight up :(. My doctor did similar things but he had to cut the gum to take my tooth out, of course I wouldn’t know until he sew my mouth 🙁 three stitches in my mouth now. It didn’t bleed as before since it was sewed, but hard to see how it goes inside. Right shoulder hurt on the way back home. Went to 藤田先生 afterwards, and he fixed my shoulder pain, not head this time since it didn’t hurt as last time.
Bad thing is every time I try to open my mouth to clean the blood, it stretches the cut and stitches that could cause more bleeding and it hurt a bit. So I tried not to open my mouth much. Only had a little bite of fish, and soup, since it is not comfortable to open, bite much neither chew well. Had ice cream before medicine. One pink tablet, should be antibiotics, before sleep. Applied copaiba oil around before sleep.

Couldn’t sleep in the morning, not sure whether it’s because of tooth or body not comfortable. Face and gum was swollen and not comfortable. Tooth is feeling weird since it’s stretching all the time. Had mashed pumpkin, so I didn’t need my teeth much. Slept in afternoon for a bit, went to dentist at 7pm for recheck and disinfection. Face was a bit swollen maybe since I didn’t take medicine at lunch time? It should be okay since dentist didn’t say anything except keep taking medicine 🙂 had two tablets after meals. Had copaiba oil for a few times.

Still couldn’t sleep well at night. Face might look normal but gum still a bit swollen and right had side hurt a bit. Wakes up early, washed car and out for whole day until 4pm, only had two small bread and no medicine neither copaiba oil. Had one each at night and slept in early from 1830 to 0500 next day.

Wake up okay, stitches still feel weird, but can eat better. Gum is still swollen. Didn’t take medicine until night again.

End up only had 5 medicine in total, but had copaiba oil every night recently. Last night the sewing part get a bit soaked, something like a cut soak in water for too long and skin turns white color. Going to dentist to take stitches out, see how it goes.

Went to dentist to take stitches out, hurt a bit when he cut them off and bleed a bit. The tooth in front of wisdom tooth hurt when he cleaned it, but he said it was okay, it was because the cut was not fully recovered, and the meat where was joint by stitches was still stuck there. Copaiba oil nearly every night.

Meat slowly stretch back, feel lot better than before when the stitches was in. Can see the hole now, not too big. No copaiba oil last night only. But will continue every night for a while.

Two weeks since my second wisdom tooth got pulled out. On 12th, didn’t sleep well the night before and worked whole day, ear started to hurt while cleaning the car, gum is very sensitive, hurt from gum to ear when having cold water, right side of tongue was sensitive too while brushing with toothbrush. Next day found tongue right side have bubbles inside, hard to see with eyes though. Stopped copaiba oil for two days now.

Edward Hopper

Recently, the screen background picture changed to Nighthawks,

the best-known of Hopper’s paintings, Nighthawks (1942), is one of his paintings of groups. It shows customers sitting at the counter of an all-nightdiner. Again, the shapes and diagonals are carefully constructed. The viewpoint is cinematic—from the sidewalk, as if the viewer were approaching the restaurant. The diner’s harsh electric light sets it apart from the dark night outside, enhancing the mood and subtle emotion.[62] As in many Hopper paintings, the interaction is minimal, though the counterman seems to be having a few words with the man facing him. The restaurant depicted was inspired by one in Greenwich Village. Both Hopper and his wife posed for the figures, and Jo Hopper gave the painting its title. The inspiration for the picture may have come from Ernest Hemingway’s short story The Killers, which Hopper greatly admired, or from the more philosophical A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.[63] In keeping with the title of his painting, Hopper later said, “Nighthawks” has more to do with the possibility of predators in the night than with loneliness.[64]

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